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Deciding whether to buy a business or kill the deal is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Your life savings are on the line. You’re signing up for an intense five-year stretch as you work to manage and grow the business.

It's a big decision. Wouldn't it be nice to get a 2nd opinion?

I've read and analyzed hundreds (if not thousands) of CIMs and deal memos in my career. I want to leverage that experience to help you.

How does this work?
1. You submit your CIM or deal memo with all the relevant information.
2. I'll spend 30 minutes reviewing the information and doing initial research.
3. Within 72 hours, I'll share my thoughts on the opportunity as well as the risks via a 10-20 minute loom video.

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What are people saying?

Andy has been a tremendous help in my search to buy a small business. He really gives a lot of thought to these deal reviews and provides insight that I never would have realized myself.
- Jeff
Andy’s deal review was extremely valuable. I had Andy look at a deal that I had submitted an LOI on and the broker/seller replied wanting a contract and a lot of other changes. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Buying a business a huge decision, and it’s hard to know sometimes if I’m falling in love with a bad deal. Andy has no “dog in the fight”. He was able to not only provide great insights into my deal, but also give great counsel about my search strategy beyond this specific deal.
- Mike
Andy saved me time and money walking away from a deal sooner than I would have given his experience and outside perspective. I wanted to get a deal done and wasn't trusting my instincts. He had valuable insights that filled the gaps and helped me level-up my thinking that will likely lead to a more lucrative deal. Great dude too - highly recommend!
- Jordan

Deal Review


After you check out, you submit all of the necessary deal information via a customized form. I'll get back to you within 72 hours. If you need it sooner, mention it in the deal survey.

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