CIM & Deal Reviews

Deciding whether to buy a business or to kill the deal is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Your life savings are on the line. You’re signing up for an intense five year stretch as you work to manage and grow your business. It's a big decision.

Professional investors have large teams who bring different perspectives to the deal. These committees ensure that they're making the right decisions and understand the risks.

Are you comfortable only trusting yourself throughout diligence? Why wouldn't you get a (free) second opinion?

I've read and analyzed hundreds of CIMs and deal memos in my career. Now, I want to leverage that experience to help you. What’s in it for me? Simple. I love analyzing businesses and markets. I miss the constant stream of diligence since leaving the investing world.

Are you thinking about purchasing a business? Submit your CIM or deal memo below. I'll spend 30 minutes reviewing it and share my thoughts in writing or via a loom video.